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★★★★★ Memory card reader

Very handy little card reader, nice looking one too

Jelly Comb SD TF Card Reader with Adapter 3-in-1 for USB-C / USB-A / Micro-USB Port, Aluminum Shell, Silver

Now I haven’t tried this as OTG, nor do I have any Apple products, but it’s still spot on for me and the missus – finally no more fiddling about connecting SD cards to mobiles, just to be able to change what’s on them. 🙂

It’s a nice looking little item too, with that brushed steel look.


The USB on it works perfect (as mentioned, the other two options not used) – just plug it into the laptop, and it gets recognised straight away.

So handy for someone like us, who’s got a whole bunch of SD cards, filled with either pics or music (actually just ordered a SD card holder today). Used to change the SD cards in the mobiles and connect them to the laptops, to access the SD cards – no that’s not an issue anymore.

Received as a sample to review – and both me and the missus absolutely love it! It just makes things so much easier for us.


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