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★★★★★ Orblue burger press

A simple tool for perfect burgers

Orblue Burger Press, Hamburger Patty Maker

Does exactly what it promises to do – help you make round and even burgers. 🙂

Tried it last night, and it worked exactly as expected.

All three burgers came out looking the same, and was done nice and evenly (I have to admit, there used to be an issue with overcooked edges when I did them by hand).


Basically just to stick the lifter tool in the base – whack in your prepared mince, stick the top with the handle on top of there, and give it a good push downwards. Remove top, and lift out the burger – ready to throw on the BBQ or fryingpan (or where ever you chose to do your burgers).

So easy to use (and clean, no bits where the mince can hide), and excellent results.

Received as a sample to review, and I love it – no more overdone edges to get that perfect juicy middle… last night they were perfect all over. 🙂


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