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★★★★★ Simple SD card CCTV camera

Works great, and SO easy to use

SODIAL(R) DVR Dome Indoor CCTV Security Camera Micro SD/TF Card Night Vision Recorder, indoor complete video monitoring system with video recording

Absolutely perfect for any “techno phobes” or those “technically challenged” (like me). 🙂

If you’re looking for a camera, but a little worried things are too complicated or difficult to set up, then this one is spot on!

It truly doesn’t get much simpler than this one. Pop in an SD card (tilt the camera forward in the socket, and you will see a little slot for the card). Plug it in (wall plug, laptop, power bank). That’s it!

It is slightly tricky to pop the SD card in, the chip part of it goes up, towards the camera. Make sure it’s popped all the way in (you’ll heard the little “tick” sound when it’s properly in place).

If you want continous recordings, then I suggest getting two SD cards, so when you remove one to check it, pop another one in.

To check your recordings, you can either remove the SD card (I got a handy little SD card reader, so that’s my option, The camera did come with a tiny little card reader, but that particular one I didn’t get to work. Wasn’t expecting one, so didn’t matter to me), or plug it into your laptop, to access the SD card.

Now the recordings on mine saves with the correct date, it does however not save with the correct time. The manual explains there’s a program you can download, so you’ll be able to change the settings, but nothing I’m exploring… instead the “technically challenged” part of me just intend to hang a clock in view of the camera. Hahaha.

If you’re on Windows (sorry, wouldn’t know how it works on Mac), it’s just to click on the recordings to open in Windows Media Player.


It comes boxed, with a small manual, the screws for fixing it to the wall, USB lead, a small card reader, and a USB wall plug adapter (wasn’t expecting that one either – so it was a big bonus for me. I constantly keep running out of those).

Is the quality of the videos great? No, but not bad either. But if you’re getting a camera like this I’m assuming you’re not trying to win an Oscar for best picture. Have added a short video (shows how it record in daylight and at night time, used a power bank to record… if the camera is secured in place, it will of course give better quality, as there won’t be any shaking). To me, this one is more than adequate, and added with the simplicity of using it, it’s perfect.

The sound is ok. Not the best in the world, but far from the worst either.

For the price, and it’s ease of use – it’s five stars all the way!


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