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★★★★★ Solar wall lights

Pretty little solar lights

[Warm Light] XLUX S55 Solar Powered Wall Lights for House Outdoor Landscape Garden Fence Lamp, 2 Pack

Love these little lights!

Ok, so up close, in daylight they don’t look like much… in fact, they look fairly cheap and tacky when you’re holding them in your hand and looking at them. But hang them up, and step away a few steps, and they look great.


The top is (where the solar panel is) is detachable, so you can change the battery, or, for the first time use, turn them on.

The screws needed to fix them on the wall is supplied.

They give off a decent glow. Don’t expect a daylight glow, but they give off enough light so you can easily see keyholes, etc, that you need to find in the dark. Or you could of course just use them for decorative purposes.

The light is what I would call a “normal” light. Not a horrid cold blue one, nor the golden glow of say an Edison bulb, but something in between, kind of like a perfectly normal light bulb.

I did try them in a dark hallway, first just one a table, and then on the wall, and the light was perfectly adequate to find shoes etc. Not their permanent place, of course. They’ll be going next to the shed door, as soon as I’ve managed to get my behind around to repainting them for the summer (the sheds… got no plans on painting the lights. Hahaha).

Got these as a sample to review, and I think they’re great. Really pretty, decent light, and a firaly small size (perfect for where I want them).


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