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★★★★★ Tweezer set

Nice little set

Precision Grooming Set – Professional Quality Stainless Steel Luxury Tweezers + Nail Scissor in Titanium Blue. Perfect for Ingrown Hair, Eyebrow Hair, Nose and Facial Hairs – Great for Splinters and Glass Removal – Steel Ends Meet Perfectly. Guaranteed for Life!

Exactly what I wanted – tweezers that I can claim as “mine”. 🙂

Not that often I use tweezers (having been blessed with a non-uni brow), but occasionally thanks to shaving they’re needed… and thats when I generally encounter a problem. Missus will steal all tweezers and use them for some sort of craft project on the go. When I eventually manage to find one, it’s generally covered in glue, and always ruined, with no chance of dealing with any stubborn stubble.

However – these are blue. So no confusing them with other tweezers. And they’ve been banned from leaving the bathroom. 🙂


Comes as a nice little set, in a little pouch. There’s what I would consider “normal tweezers” and two that look like some sort of torture instruments. Also comes with little sciccors.

The tweezers are great, with a good grip. All I wanted was decent tweezers, so haven’t tried the other two pointy tweezers, nor the sciccors.

Purchased with a discount with the promise of an hoenst review – and Im well pleased with these coloured tweezers – no mistaking them for others. 🙂


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