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★★★★★+ Ultra soft and fluffy blanket

Large soft and fluffy

sourcingmap® Super Soft Warm Rug Luxury plush Fleece Throw Blanket, Suitable for Chair or Bed, Machine Washable,Sky Blue, 200 x 230 cm (78″ x 90″)

It really is “super soft”. Softest blankie ever! Really fluffy.

Now I didn’t wash it before use, plan was to, but decided to take some pictures of it first… and it got claimed by the cats! It did have a slight “plasticky” smell to it, but it’s already gone by being out in the air, and not in the packaging anymore.


Got the Queen size one. Now, not having any queen sized beds, I thought I’d show it off on a king size one. It’s a little smaller than the throw on the bed, but should do fantastic as a bed throw on a double or queen size one.

It’s very light, and Im sure can be draped beautifully. I tried on the chair, but my artistic flair is clearly lacking in the “draping department”. Hahaha.

It’s extremely fluffy on the back, and slightly less so on the front (yet, still just as soft). The front of it is what can be seen in more detail on the picture of my young feline lad (had no plans to use the picture here, but think it shows off the texture of the blanket).


Purchased with a discount with the promise of an honest review… and I love it – it’s beautiful, and extremely soft. Sadly I think us humans in the household will never be able to use it, and we’ll have to pry it away from the cats now and then to give it a wash. 🙂


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