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★★★★★ VKworld Stone V3 phone

Rugged, chunky and awesome

ZILONG Unlocked 2.4″ VKWORLD Stone V3 IP67 Waterproof Shockproof Dustproof Rugged Mobile Phones for Elder Man/Military Power Bank Long Standby 5200Mah Battery Outdoor Army SmartPhone Dual Sim Card GSM Flashlight

This is the coolest phone – ever.

I love it. From it’s ease of use, to the ruggedness.


It’s big and chunky. Although when you look at it (see video below) compared to my Lumia 830, the Lumia is actually bigger! The V3 is however much chunkier, which gives it the impression of being such a large phone.

The flash light is great – this thing’s got no problem lighting up a room, or helping you find your way in the wilderness (ok… maybe garden) at night.

Don’t confuse it with a touch screen phone, but it’s perfect for what it is. Those who want this phone, don’t intend to spend their days on Facebook or similar anyway – this is a phone meant to come with you when you’re out and about (whether that being for leisure or work), a phone there’s no worry about dropping, whether on the ground or in water. A phone that will literally light your way if needed, and even give any other usb enabled devices juice. It works like an old Nokia, so those who had phones before touch screen phones came out, wont have any problems using it at all.

Great for anyone who either works in the outdoors, or likes to spend time there. Excellent for when out fishing, camping or hiking. Even for working in the garden it’s perfect – no need to worry about muddy hands if having to answer a phone call.

But… down to business… here’s the gist:

It can take 2 (full size) sim cards. As it’s unlocked, any will do. Great if you’re going on holiday, keep your own in there, and pop one in from the country you’re in. I used a payg Giffgaff sim which worked perfect
It’s got a slot for a SD card (I used an 8GB in it)
It’s got a fab flash light (unlock phone, and press the Flash Light button for a few seconds to turn on, and a few seconds again to turn off)
It’s waterproof! (Up to one meter depth, for up to 30 minutes)
Got a USB slot, so you can use it as a power bank to charge other items (tested it charging my Lumia – worked a treat)
Got a camera (not great at all, but if you’re interested in photography chances are you’ll have a fab camera, and using a mobile wouldn’t be your choice). Can also capture videos
Got bluetooth (not something I use much, so not tested)
Got excellent loud speaker (added music to the SD card – and this thing can belt it out)
Got FM radio
Has the usual things like ability to send text messages, Calendar, Alarm and Calculator

The video (mainly photo montage, but also short video of testing it in a lake! I still cant believe I purposely dropped a phone in water) shows the different menus, but there’s a little bit more info regarding the different menu options:

Contacts – All, most used, groups
Call Logs – Missed calls, dialled calls, received calls, rejected calls, delete all, call timers, GPRS counter
Message – write message, inbox, outbox, drafts, sentbox, security inbox, templates, broadcast message, voice mail server
Multimedia – camera, DV, MP3, video player, FM radio, my files, image
Charge – open, close
Tools – calendar, alarm, calculator, vehicle travelling data, bluetooth, ebook, clock, recorder
Settings – profiles, phone settings, display, security, call settings

The phone comes boxed (great as a gift for anyone “outdoorsy”), with USB charger, UK wall adapter, lanyard with compass and carabiner, and there’s also a small key for screwing in the four little screws that helps secure the battery compartment (the key can also be used to help pop out the backing to get to the battery/sim/SD card).

I received this phone as a sample to review – and I absolutely love it! This thing is perfect for use in the garden, or when I go fishing (especially since I’m known for falling in the water), and for days out with the dogs (which generally ends up very messy). For an old boy like me, who loves the outdoors – it truly is an awesome phone. 🙂


Yes – I still use this phone!  On days that will be “mucky”, I just pop my sim in it.  Also brought it on holiday abroad, knowing all sims would work in it was peace of mind.  Bought a pay-as-you-go in the country I was staying in, and it worked perfectly!


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