Something to crow about?

UK based reviewer / product tester

★★★★★ VR glasses

Good quality, and suprisingly comfy

Teckey 3D VR Headset 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Box with Adjustable Lens and Strap for iPhone 5 5s 6 plus Samsung S3 Edge Note 4 and 3.5-6 inch Smartphone for 3D Movies and Games

I have to say – the glasses are of much better quality than I expected! In fact – I cannot fault them.

They come boxed, with the straps (separate, you’ll have to attach them), an instruction booklet, and even a little cleaning cloth.


The glasses are as expected fairly big (since they accommodate large mobiles), but very comfortably on the head. I used them without glasses, but the missus had no problems using them with her glasses on. Shown what they look like when wearing (keep in mind the mannequin head is smaller than an adult human head… it’s just to show off how the straps fit).

Not only can the straps be adjusted, there’s also a few other nifty little things going on – you can adjust the space between the eyes, and you also have the option to zoom to make the screen clearer. Apart from that, it also has little sliders inside where the mobile fits, so you can make sure it’s nice and secure.


And for those who, like me, are first timers to VR glasses – they’re seriously easy to use… well – actually you don’t use them at all, apart from viewing through them. 🙂 Everything else is actually done with the mobile. All you got to do, is load your chosen app on your phone, and then open the hatch at the front of the glasses, and pop your mobile in – that’s it!


We tried with both my mobile (a Windows phone, so found myself quite limited to apps available to download on the Windows store… did like the firework one though, which is a game where you’ll have to tilt and move your head, aiming at a circle so you can get the fireworks to shoot. Due to the very slim case I got on mine, mine fit with the case inside the glasses – see pic. Missus had to remove her phone from the case), and the missus’ mobile. Now she’s got an Android phone, so there was quite a few options of apps to download… got Cosmic Roller (which is either extremely slow, or her mobile makes it slow), Fish Schooling (doesn’t do anything apart from letting you watch fish in 3D), Snow Mountain (beautiful, but again slow) and VR Cave, which instantly became a fave with both of us! 🙂 What we both really wanted to try was Titans of Space, but sadly her mobile (remember, this is NOT the fault of the glasses!) refused to load it… tried re-installing a few times, but it looks like we’ll have to wait with that one until one of us get a new phone… at least we’ll already have the VR glasses ready to rock and roll when the time comes!

Received as a sample to review, and the glasses are ace! Clear images, comfortable to wear (even with glasses on), easy to attach, easy to use, and great quality… and it was fun! Well… apart from not being able to try Titans of Space, that is. 🙂


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