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★★★★★ Wallet Ninja

Great quality and so handy to have

Urban Tools – Wallet Ninja – 18 in 1 Multi Tool Kit – Built in Bottle Opener and More Accessories

Got this one for the missus, as she keeps stealing mine.

I actually looked at the “Ninja Wallet”, when I got my own, and opted to buy a different brand, as I wasn’t keen on the large white logo… well, I feel a little bit like an idiot now – it’s NOT a large white logo! It’s a cut-out logo. 🙂 So which ever colour it’s on top of – that’s what shows.

These are brilliant – the quality is fab – really strong and sturdy. Missus keeps using mine (different brand, but exactly the same) all the time as a screwdriver (the corners).


Clearly, its not going be the chosen tool if proper tools are about, but if you’re in a pickle and need something like a screwdriver, then it will do the job. 🙂 And nice to always be able to find a bottle opener (why do they always disappear?).

There’s basically 18 “tools” (don’t think I’d call a mobile phone stand a tool):
2 x rulers (inch on the front, cm on the back)
Bottle opener
Can opener
Box opener
Letter opener
Nail puller
3 x screwdrivers (corners)
6 x hex wrench
Mobile phone stand

To use it as mobile phone stand you need to use a credit card or similar and stick it in the slot marked for it.

Received as a sample to review – and it’s ace! Even better… this means mine will now for once be staying in my wallet, and not found amidst the missus’ latest craft project. 🙂


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