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★★★★★ Waterproof backpack

Brilliant and good looking backpack

Waterproof Rucksack – No Label Pro-Series 20 Litre Sports Bag is 100% Waterproof. Ideal Backpack for Cycling, Running, Triathlon and Watersports. Protects Your Gear from Dust, Sand, Water & Dirt. (Black / White)

This is so clever… too clever for me, and with no instructions, I had to google how to close it! Hahahaha.

But as soon as you know, it’s so easy, and it really is clever – there won’t be any water sneaking in here. 🙂

On the top, make sure the two harder strips (one on the front, one on the back, at the top opening) align. Then roll them backwards. When you cannot roll any further, force the edges together on the front, so you can clip the clips together, and fasten the extra strap over it. And there you go – everything nice and safe away from any moisture.


It’s a nice size! Not the sort you’ll use for a weeks camping, but excellent for days out.

The inside is only one room, and there’s two smaller pockets on the outside (one on the front, one on one side, both mesh ones).

It’s really well made, with padded straps, and padding where needed on the back. There’s reflector strips on the front, and on the straps. Not having any inside support, you’ll have to take a little care on how you pack it though, to make sure nothing’s going to poke you in the back.


And it looks nice! I like the quite sporty and stylish black and white, and the “label”, although fairly big, actually enhances the look (and the missus thinks it’s hilarious – a label called “NoLabel”).

Received as a sample to review – and I love it! It looks ace, and is a really well made and smart backpack… and I can see it becoming a fave for fishing (as I don’t do anything as exhausting or exciting as white water rafting or triathlons).


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