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★★★★ Birthday Banner

Looks great up

Bobee Happy Birthday Banner Party Decorations

It is exactly what it says it is… a birthday banner made of card and a ribbon. But I was expecting better card, and better ribbon. That said – it looks great up (much nicer in real life than the product images – so much so I’ve added a single large picture of it)!


The card is thin (think very thin cereal box card… not the ones with a thick box). The print on it is however excellent, nice, colourful and clear. But having a nice print isn’t gonna help preserving the card, if you want to reuse it.

It comes with a red ribbon. The ribbon is not treated in any way on the end, so ends up frayed on the first card triangle you thread through. The end will look like it’s been in the wars by the time you get on the last piece of card.


The ribbon is also on the short side if you chose to cut it, and make it into two banners (one with “happy” one with “birthday”). It’ll do for hanging it (unless you had plans on having the ribbon hang downwards on the side for decorative purposes), but if you want to try and store it in a place that doesn’t have moisture (remember – thin card!) to reuse, then you have to space the card triangles about to be able to fold it, and thus it becomes quite short. You could always remove the ribbon completely from the banner – but do you really want to start threading the ribbon through the card pieces again for the next birthday?

Received as a sample to review… and I’m feeling a little torn on how to rate it… I’m not impressed with the quality (if it has been an add-on item with a price to reflect it as disposable I think the quality would be perfectly fine) – but it does look great up! Quality I would have gone 3, and until I put it up on the wall, it didn’t look like much – but as soon as it was up on the wall it looks absolutely ace! 🙂 So, 5 stars for looks, which takes it to 4 as an average.


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