Something to crow about?

UK based reviewer / product tester

★★★★ Light ring

Superb brightness – true to colour

Neewer® Camera Photo Video 14″Outer 10″Inner 400W 5500K Photographic Lamp Dimmable Ring Fluorescent Flash Light

This is great! And I am “cheating”, as I don’t exactly use it as intended…

Now I do have a DSLR, and I even got quite a few tripods, although no lightstand as such… but I am using it for my little light cube which I use for Amazon reviews. 🙂

The light is excellent. It will light up really bright, but it still makes everything true to colour. I can see this being superb for those who take portraits (yup – just checked, on the Neewer Camera Photo/Video 18″Outer 14″Inner 600W 5500K Ring Fluorescent Flash Light two people have posted examples of their portrait photographs using it – and they’re superb).


It is however not quite as dimmable as expected. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a dimmer switch, and it works! But it kind of ranges from bright to extremely bright. 🙂

It is large, and there won’t be a problem for any camera to poke through the circle.

It comes in a carrying case, which is really nice if you intend to move it about. The case is well padded, and actually look quite smart (as my light ring in now in place, I’m sure I’ll find a use for it).


I have glanced at the other reviews… and either the seller has listen and amended things, or possibly the reviews are extremely unfair… it was well packaged (Amazon box, another box, and then the case, which is padded), arrived unbroken in working order, and is indeed dimmable. 🙂

I received this as a sample to review – and I absolutely love it! It really lights everything up, yet still keeps colours true. It might even tempt me to try to find a willing person for a portrait or two with the DSLR (missus told me “no”, but added a few swear words to her answer).


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