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★★★★ N9 listening device

Great fun little spy gadget

N9 wireless SIM GSM listening device

I got no idea why I wanted this thing… maybe some old dream of once upon a time to be like James Bond when I was a lad. 🙂

And it works! It actually works fab. No idea what to do with it, or use it for, but it’s a great fun little gadget.


I used a GiffGaff sim (it takes a full size sim), although not listed as one of the ones that’s suitable, I had an activated one laying about, so figured I’d give it a go. As soon as the sim card was inserted, a red light came on inside.

When the light went off (straight away), I ran the number on the inserted sim, and had the missus run off with the little spy gadget… and it worked fab! I could hear her loud and clear, no matter how far she went.

However, as I didn’t really know how it worked, apart from calling it… as soon as I hung up, and the gadget detected sounds, it would call me back (the GiffGaff sim has some credit on it)! Anyway, the instructions (I’ll get back to that one further down) said something along the lines of texting “0000” to the sim (that’s in the gadget), would turn this function off.

Texted 0000, and no more call backs when the gadget detects sounds (still works perfect when I call it).

The sound is really good! It’s dead easy to use. Its tiny (took pic next to 50 pence to show the size). I cannot think of a single thing I’ll need it for, but it really is great fun. 🙂

Now… onto the bad stuff… which is the instructions. You’d need some sort of Rosetta stone to try to decipher this thing. It is by far the worst one I’ve ever encountered. My fave gold nugget in it is:
“Battery indicator linghts change:honis on facing the red lamp shines.Evety few seconds there was a bright.facing the yellow light. the lights”
Yes – written just like that. Hahaha. Now I’m slightly dyslexic, and I know just about every review I do will have a few mistakes in them, but hopefully people are able to understand what I mean, even without perfect grammar… this instruction manual though is basically guesswork as to what they’re trying to explain.

So – thanks to the instruction manual, I am absolutely clueless on how to tell when it needs to be charged, or how it indicates it’s charging (tried to charge it, but nothing happened, so I’m assuming it came with full juice).

Anyway, to sum it up… worked great with a payg (already activated) GiffGaff sim.
Sound is great.
So easy to use – just call the number (you’ll hear the ring tone once or twice before it kicks in – the gadget does NOT make any sound at all), and you can listen.
To turn off call back function text 0000 to the sim.
To turn on the call back function (it’ll call you when it detect sounds) text 1111 to the sim
Comes in a handy little box with the charger lead
Absolutely terrible instruction manual

I was able to purchase this with a discount for an honest review (it was purchased on Amazon, but the seller is now gone, so linked to AliExpress as they can be purchased cheap there)… and I do love it (even though I have no use for it) – it’s great fun! And yes, I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn’t for the fact that the instructions are completely dismal.



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