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★★★★ Oversized mens watch

Big and stylish

Getek CURREN Fashion Luxury Stainless Steel Big Dial Men Watch Waterproof Quartz Wristwatch Silver+Black

I do love this watch – it’s of great size, great weight, and great looking!


My only issue with is that it seems just that little bit too shiny. This might not be the case after some wear (I’m hoping it will dull down a little), and other’s might love the shine.

The dial is very stylish indeed, and as per ususal (I’ve gotten quite a few oversized watches here on Amazon), the smaller dials and two of the buttons are just for decoration.

The strap is great, and it’s large (it’s easy to remove a few links if needed), so no need to worry for those with large wrists. Excellent fastener.

If you like oversized watches (took pic of it next to one of my “normal” sized mens watches), and want something suitable for a workday (most of mine are more casual looking than this one) without spending a fortune – then this one is spot on!

Was able to purchase with a discount for an honest review – and I love it. I’m just hoping the strap will dull down a little with use, and then it will be absolutely perfect.


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