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★★★★ “Three” broadband dongle

Easy to set up and use

Three ZTE MF730M Ready To Go Mobile Broadband Dongle with 1GB Preloaded Data

Unexpectedly easy to set up. 🙂

It comes boxed, with the simcard seperate from the dongle.

First I tried to use the smaller sim, and inserting it from the side, but the dongle wasn;t having any of them, so in the end I opted to remove the cover and insert the sim as full size (just popped the smaller ersion back into the bigger setting).

As soon as that was done, it got plugged into the laptop, and to be honest I was expecting a longwinded process. It wasn’t.

Instead of finding a network to log onto, as soon as I went into my internet browser (FF), a new tab popped up, asking me to “register”. Registering was very easy indeed, all you need to add is e-mail address (it asks for other things too, but the only thing needed to fill in is the e-mail).

As soon as that was done – I was online!

There’s also a link to check “your account”, where you can see how much allowance you got left.

All in all – extremely easy to use, but the 1GB that comes preloaded on it doesnt last long. At all. And the website for it is pants – full of ads, and looks very unprofessional.

That said, it’s quick enough, and all that’s needed after the initial registering, is to stick the dongle in the laptop, and it’ll work straight away.



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