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★★ Insoles

Alright for comfort alone

HappyStep Shoe Insoles, Shoe Inserts, Comfort Insoles, Everyday Insoles with Gel Heel Cup and Arch Support

As the title says, for just comfort alone, they’re perfectly fine… but what they promise is “arch support”. There is none. At all. It’s shaped like it’s got arch support, but the sole is so thin and bendable, that you can flatten it just with your fingers (so you can imagine the result with the weight of a body on top… the result is a completely flat sole).

The good thing though is the gel heel cup. 🙂 Which does feel nice and comfortable. The rest of the sole isn’t much to brag about, it’ll feel better with this in the shoe, as it would with any soft insole, but I suspect these will wear quickly. Due to the quality, and the lack of arch support, I ended up sticking them in a pair of slippers, instead of shoes.


If you’re just looking for a little bit of comfort for your feet, then these or any other insoles will do. If you’re looking for arch support, or something that will be long lasting, then this would not be my option.

Was able to purchase with a discount for an honest review, and to be honest I found them very disappointing. Considering the price they are selling for, and the promise of arch support, I was expecting much better quality.


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