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★★★★★ Adult kick bike

Great fun for all ages

Fuzion Cityglide B200 Adult Kick Scooter w/ Hand brake – 220lb Weight Limit – Folds Down – Adjustable Handle Bars – Smooth & Fast Ride

Excellent fun!

Ordered it for the missus, as I had made a promise to myself never to go on one of these ever again, after falling off the youngests scooter well over a decade ago (which resulted in two broken ribs, and a quite a few painful weeks afterwards with hardly any sleep)… but seeing how much fun the missus had on it, I broke my promise and gave it a go.

And it’s ace! Really cannot be compared to the flimsy kids ones, with their tiny wheels. This thing is sturdy, loads of room for the feet, and the much bigger wheels makes it so much easier for someone my size to balance. And there’s clearly not any upper age limit on having fun on this… as we’re grandparents, and no spring chickens anymore. 🙂


The handbrake works great (meaning you can go slow-poke downhill), and there’s also the option to use one of your feet on the back wheel instead, but that might be more for the seasoned “scooters”… the handbrake was great for me and the missus, being used to normal bikes.

There is some assembly required when it arrives, and you’ll probably need some tools to do so (unless I was unlucky, and it was just a one-off), as the spanner supplied didn’t fit the bolts. Basically four nuts and bolts to attached the handlebars, and then of course to make sure everything else is safely secured (it was).

The handlebars is of great height both for me and the missus (I’m 5’9 and she’s 5’7), nor did it have a problem with my 100kgs (!). Also got excellent surface to stand on, with loads of room, and really good non-slip.

Purchased with a discount, with the promise of an honest review… and honestly, it’s so much fun it made me do something I never thought I’d do – try a kickbike again! 🙂 Missus is over the moon with it, and have already gotten herself a lock for it (as she intend to “scoot” to the shops), and I’ve ordered her a light for it.


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