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★★★★★ Dyslexia reading aid

Makes reading much less daunting

2x Orange Duo Window Reading Ruler

I don’t know if the colour itself helps at all (I’ve tried tinted glasses in the past, and they didn’t help me) – but these rulers ARE great.

What’s great about it is that it makes you concentrate on a specific area you’re reading, meaning it’s not just a huge block of text – this narrows it down to exactly where you’re reading – which makes the whole process so much simpler, and makes it seem less of a burden (yes – reading can be a burden for us dyslexics).


Easier to concentrate, less confusion, and all in all it makes a page in a book seem so much less daunting.

The rulers themselves are decent quality (I was a little worried they’d be very thin and flimsy), bendable but quite thick.

I’d recommend giving it a go! They are a little pricey for what they are, but if it will help the reading process, then it’s worth so much more than what was paid. I really wish these sort of things had been available when I was in school (many years ago), instead of being labelled as “difficult” and “stupid”, and I am very glad that dyslexia is now picked up on quickly, and kids can get help.

It might not be the best solution or everyone, but I now find reading a much more enjoyable task (although I still look at it as a task. Hahaha.). This, spell check on the laptop, and predictive text on my mobile, as made me into a reading/writing machine. 🙂 Writing reviews here on Amazon, has been a great boost to my confidence when it comes to reading and writing, and I will also purposely see foreign films with subtitles, as instead of where I once upon a time used to try to avoid reading and writing as much as possible, instead I now try to cooperate it into my life as much as possible.


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