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★★★★★ Handsfree bluetooth transmitter

Great sound, am well impressed

August CR225 – FM Transmitter with Bluetooth and Microphone- In Car MP3 Player and Hands Free Kit for Smartphones and Tablets – Apple iPhone / Android / Windows Phone / Blackberry / iPod Touch / iPad Compatible

This is the third one of these sort of handsfree gadgets I’ve tried… and it’s also the one that’s staying put in the car. 🙂

It’s quite big, with it’s long extending arm, however, this means you can position it exatly where it’s handy to reach, without being in the way of anything else.


The top of it is magnetic, and can be removed and positioned so you get the screen and buttons facing the way you want them.

To set the frequenzy on the gadget, you just turn the wheel that’s on the bottom of the top bit (thought that was quite clever), and make it match an station on your radio that’s not actually set to a radio station. 🙂 If you’ve never used any of these before – it’s really easy! All that’s needed is to make sure the gadget and the radio is synching on the same station, and to pair it with your mobile via bluetooth.

No problems connecting it via BT, it was found straight away under CR225.

Apart from the fact that I think it looks quite cool, and I was able to position it so it doesn’t interfer with my cupholder (!) and subesquent coffee intake – the sound is excellent!

This is the best one I’ve tried (although I have only tried 3), and got it set on a station where there’s none of the interference (like static noise) I’ve encountered on the other two.

It’s also got a USB port, so you can even charge your phone at the same time.

To answer a call, it’s just to press the button on the top! Having a Windows phone, it’s also very handy with Cortana (might be the same options on Siri/google voice?) – as she will ask if I want a text read through the gadget/speakers, and via voice command I can then reply to the text too – texting and driving with both hands on the wheel! 🙂

Received as a sample to review… and I love it. No more trying out different ones for me – I’ve found the one that’s perfect for me, and it’ll stay put until it breaks. 🙂


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