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★★★★★+ Long cat tunnel

It’s big, it looks nice – and the cats love it

DAN SPEED Cat Tunnel Best Cat Toy 2 Peep Holes Lightweight Fun Collapsible Cat Toy Tunnel with Dangling Ball

The clowder of cats approve!

The tunnel comes “flat packed”, and it’s just to loosen two ties on the sides – and suddenly you got a fairly massive cat tunnel. 🙂


The inside is less crinkly than a smaller one we got (thank goodness!), and the outside is soft, with a fun leopard print.

The two main entrances have quite large openings, and the two on the “top” are smaller, but even our giant elderly tomcat managed to shoot through one of the smaller openings when a little bit of catnip was sprinkled inside. 🙂

It was a massive hit with the younger cats (all adult, but much younger than our oldest)! The little devi… angels kept rushing through it, slapping eachother as they poked out of an opening, and generally having loads of fun.

The little toy ball that’s was hanging inside lasted about 5 minutes though, before one of the kitties claimed it as hers, and proudly walked around with it in her mouth. Hahaha. But I don’t blame the tunnel for that, anything that can be ripped out – will be ripped out when it comes to my cats (and scratched… and bitten… and knocked over… and climbed…).

Purchased with a discount with the promise of an honest review… and the cats say it’s the best thing since pouched catfood. Hahaha. No, really, it’s a superb tunnel, and has made for a bunch of happy cats.


This is such a big hit with the cats!  Even our elderly tomcat will rush through the tunnel, chasing the rest of the gang.

It’s used EVERY day.  Unbelieveable.  The amount of money we’ve spent on cat toys, cat trees, etc, over the year, only to have everything ignored after days one… this tunnel is worth it’s price (currently £16, inc delivery if you got Prime) ten times over!

6 months in, being used and abused by a clowder of cats every day, and it still looks as good as new (minus the dangly toy inside it).


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