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★★★★★ Mini voice recorder

Really smart looking recorder

.Esynic Mini Voice Recorder 3-in-1 Portable Rechargeable 8GB Digital Voice Activated Recorder MP3 Music Player for Classes Meeting Lecture Riffs Instruments Singing and etc
And it is certainly little. 🙂 But unlike my other recorders – this one feels like a recorder, nice and heavy (although, considering it’s size, it’s clearly not weighing much), feels great in the hand.


There’s a few options on it (like using it as an MP3 player), but I got no plans on using it for anything apart from recording. And for that, it’s seriously easy to use: Turn it on (slider switch on the side). Press the red button to start recording (a red light comes on above the screen). Press the red button again to stop recording. Yes – as easy as that!

You can listen to the recordings via the device itself, but if I’m recording something, its so I can store it on the laptop… and again, so easy to access the recordings:
– Plug it in to the laptop with the USB provided
– Access the removable device
– Double click on the “Record” folder
– All your recordings are there!

Now I got a Windows laptop (sorry, got no idea how it works on Mac), and it’s just to double click the recording and it will play straight away in Windows Player.

A little tip, before you start recording – set the time! Attach to laptop with the USB cable, click on the folder “SetTime”, and then click “SetTime” – it does it automatically from then (took less than a second).

The sound is good, loud and clear, but it will also pick up background noise (like a telly/radio/people talking), so if used for taking notes, you might be better off doing it somewhere without disturbances.

Comes with earphones, the USB cable, and instruction booklet.

Received as a sample to review… and I love it. This is my third recorder – and my fave! Yes, it’s got good sound, and it’s easy to use, but to me it’s the build quality and how it actually feels like you’re holding a device (not just a piece of plastic) that it’s biggest winning points.


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