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★★★★★ “Never trust an atom” t-shirt

Great t-shirt, but highlights any tummy

Never Trust an Atom, they Make Up Everything | Funny Science Unisex T-shirt

The t-shirt itself is great! Fun print (and excellent print quality) and true to size…

However, it truly isn’t the most flattering t-shirt from those of us of with a eh… rounder look. 🙂

Tum being held in on the pic, but I sure gave the missus a good laugh when I first put it on – her exact words were “how long since you weighed yourself?”, while she was laughing. And yes, I took a peek in the mirror, and with the tummy out, the print does nothing to flatter us slightly rounder people – the top half of the circle looks ace – the bottom half of the circle then rest on top of the tum – highlighting it’s shape!


Now, sadly I cannot blame the t-shirt for my belly. and the t-shirt itself is great… but, if you are on the rounder side, and feel a little selfconcious, then this might not be the best choice.

Purchased with a discount with the promise of an honest review… and the t-shirt is great… it’s just not great on me. Hahaha. Can see this becoming a sleep-shirt for the missus instead… or I could diet. 😉


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