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★★★★★ No tie shoelaces

Not just for the sporty, brilliant for shoes you don’t want to keep tying and untying

Elastic Shoelaces – No Tie Lock Laces For Shoes | Use For Running and Triathlon | Great For Kids & Seniors | 8 Colours

Firstly – let me apologise for the state of the boots in the pictures… they’re the missus’ dog walking boots, and as you can clearly see – they’ve seen better days! But, as the laces are for them, and the pics will illustrate what I got to say about the laces, I’m afraid they’re the ones that will have to do. 🙂


These laces are not just for the sporty – they’re great for any shoes that you don’t want to have to tie all the time (I got a white pair myself, on a pair of high top Converse). Got them for the missus dog walking boots, which sometimes has to be put on in a hurry in the mornings, well before she’s capable of tying any laces.

Normally the boots are double tied on the middle (she couldn’t go any higher without having to tie and untie them), meaning the top of the boots just flapped about.

With these however, the laces can go higher, and without having to adjust them in any way, they now slip on and off so easy, not even having to touch the laces in the slightest!

And yes – those are the same laces on the shoe to the left in the pictures! One pic taken without flash – one picture taken with flash… so can vouch for them being reflective. 🙂

The pack also comes with full instructions on how to attach them. No need to worry, it’s very easy (just lace them up as you would do any, then pull the laces through the little circle. Decide how long you want/need them to be extra, snip them, then snap on the end bit).

Received as a sample to review… and they’re excellent – simply excellent.


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