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UK based reviewer / product tester

★★★★ Combination padlocks

Very clever little locks

XCSOURCE 2 pcs TSA Security 3 Digit Combination Suitcase Luggage Bag Code Lock Padlock XC303

Handy, and easy to set your own combination!

They come individually wrapped, and the good thing is that if youre only needing one at the moment, the instructions on how to set your own combination is printed on the back of each pack, so no need to worry about forgetting how to do so.


And brilliant for travelling! With the special little key slot on the button (you don’t get a key), it means that airport security can use their master key, and easily open the lock, without either damaging the bag or lock to take a peek inside. Quite clever!

The locks themselves seem a little “plasticky” to me. Don’t get me wrong, the I’m sure the inside of it is sturdy (I’ve given them a few tugs, and no problem), but the black casing, and espescially the combination dials, just seem “toy like”.

Received as a sample to review, and I’m well pleased with these smart little locks, I just wish they had a little more “substance” too them (for lack of better word).


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