Something to crow about?

UK based reviewer / product tester

★★★★ Gaviola tablets

Good size tablets for swallowing

Graviola 120 Tablets 1200 mg each – Annona Muricata (1X120)

This is one of the (many!) supplements the missus takes… from being someone who’s never taken a single one, she’s sure making up for it now. Hahaha. Diagnosed with cancer not too long ago, she’s done her reading to see what she believes might help her body, and this one ended up on her “might as well give it a go!” list.

The tablets are of really good size (the large one on the end is a cod liver oil one), so no problem swallowing, it’s just that the missus prefers capsules. Although being tablets, there still hasn’t been any occasion where she’s gotten them stuck at the back of her throat (and this is from a woman who’ll sound like she’s choking each time she tried to take an uncoated asprin. Hahaha). It says they can be chewed, but this isn’t something she’s tried.


Please keep in mind my review is simply based on what the supplement looks like, smells like and how the missus finds taking them… neither of us are doctors, nutritionists or have any idea what this supplement does, apart from what we’ve learnt from reading up on it online. My personal advise would be to do your research before taking ANY supplements (a lot of them will do things like lowering blood pressure, etc), talk to your doctor if unsure, and keep an eye if starting to take any (also look out for interactions if you’re taking more than one supplement). Good luck!


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