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★★★★ Small wood effect diffuser

Good looking with gusto

Ultrasonic Humidifier Cool Mist, TurnRaise Electric Aroma Diffuser Humidifier w/ Color Changing Mood Light and Cool Mist – Ultrasonic, Aromatherapy

Really classy and pretty little diffuser. In fact, it became both mine and the missus favourite as soon as we got it up and running.

It’s very simple to use, there’s only two buttons, one being for the lights. The lights are a little obsolete, as it will only show in the steam outlet. 🙂

But it really looks great! The wood effect is excellent, and it’s such a cute little size and shape.


Easy to fill, and even comes with a little beaker for doing so. A little tip is to make sure you plug it in before filling it! The plug is on the bottom, and a little hard to get to if it’s the first time you’re plugging it in, and there’s water in it.

We got it in the living room, and use it either with lavender oil or linen oil. It’s got a some gusto for something so little. 🙂

However, and the reason for fours stars, not five… due to the shape of the diffuser and the steam it creates, it makes the top of it stick… so when you go to refill it, there might be a struggle. We use the tip of a knife to pop off the top.

Received as a sample to review… and it’s really good looking, and does a good job of making the living room smell nice.


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