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UK based reviewer / product tester

★★★★ Window cleaning kit

Great for my needs

Window Cleaning Kit | AllThingsAccessory® Window Washing Cleaning Kit With Squeegees | Telescopic Pole | Extra Cleaning Pads Equipment Cleaner Set

Always handy to have!

Well… for me anyway. With a myriad of cats, and two dogs… and wide windowsills they all can access… windows gets cleaned at least once a week. 🙂 Inside I just spray the windows with glass cleaner and use the squeegee (and then giving the bottom of the windows a wipe for any excess cleaning spray when done).

And it did the trick! It’s also really nice and wide, so if you got massive windows this will really help on cutting down the time on doing them.


I do however feel it’s not the best quality, but then again, it’s reasonably priced, but I fear the extender won’t last for too long if used in that state. This is something I would only use when doing the windows outside, so for myself personally shouldn’t be too much of a problem… due to my lazyness in cleaning the windows outside. Hahahah.

Received as a sample to review, and I am very pleased with my new window cleaner kit… for my needs it’s great!


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