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★★★★★ LED backlit gaming keyboard

Fierce keyboard

DBPOWER Gaming Keyboard, LED Backlit USB Wired Game Keyboard Mechanical Feel- Black

Looks fab!

It really does look fab – personally I love the red (sorry about the images and video, it shows as orange… it IS red, just the camera having difficulties picking it up), it looks mean. 🙂 And the missus loves the “pink”.


It’s a standard size keyboard, and has a nice “clickety-clack” sound as the keys are being used (for those who might miss that sound. My keyboard on my laptop is basically soundless, and the missus laptop sounds all tinny and horrid).

Haven’t tried it for any gaming purposes, as the few games I play have no need for a keyboard. Got it for the times the missus needs Word (she’s got Open Office, great free program! But occasionally a Word document won’t open as it should due to a specific template, and she then ventures onto my laptop) – and she hates (with a passion) the keyboard on my laptop, as the keys are all one further to the left, meaning all she did was mistype everything. Problem now sorted – this keyboard worked straight away as soon as it was plugged into my laptop (Windows 10) – and the missus can now use Word without constantly moaning about my laptops keyboard. 🙂

Got a few different light settings (including the fading colour changing option shown on the video), all explained in the little instruction leaflet (really, it’s so easy!) that comes with it.

Received as a sample to review – and it’s great. 🙂 Can’t fault it.


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