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★★★★★ Motion sensor light bars

Well impressed by these clever little lights

LemonBest® 4 Pack 10 LED Wireless Motion Sensing Closet Cabinet LED Night Light / Step Light Bar

Brilliant little lights!

Have been reading reviews, and none of the issues some other seem to have encountered was present with them (hopefully improvements have been made from peoples feedback) – batteries fit perfectly, all lights work, and the motion sensors are fine.

They do take 4 AAA batteries each though – so you’ll need a whole bunch for the pack of four lights. Really easy to fit, the go in on the side, in a row.


Love the clever magnet design! The light is magnetic, and has a detachable magnet strip on the back. This magnet strip has sticky backing (very good), and can be attached whereever you want the light to be. When you need to change the batteries, it’s just to give the light a little tug, and it detaches from the magnet. And just as easy to put it back – just align it with the magnet, and you’re all done.

The light they give off is good too. Bright and white (just white. I got two different light bars in the bathroom, and they got a horrible blue-ish light). The video shows how three of them light up the kitchen counter (and subsequently turn themselves off, when they don’t notice any movement). Also got the forth in the kitchen (other side of the room), and fear that one will go through batteries like crazy, as that’s where the cats jump up to get to the window. 🙂

Received as a sample to review – and absolutely love them! No more turning on the glaring ceiling light at night, to get a snack or make a coffee.


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