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★★★★★ QI charger lamp

Very clever lamp – dimmer, QI charger and USB port

LED Desk Lamp, KuGi ® 5W Touch Dimmer LED Desk Lamp With (5v, 1A) USB / Qi Wireless Charger & timing control, 4 Color Modes (Reading/Studying/Relaxation/Bedtime), 5-Level Dimmer

Love this lamp! Firstly, it’s much more stylish than I expected it to be. Although quite big, it has a sleek futuristic look.

When you turn it on the “buttons” (apart from hour settings) will have a slight blue glow, so you can easily adjust the settings. You got the option of “normal” llight, a cold light, and a nice warm light. What’s even better, is that you can adjust the light strenght… but it even tops that – as it will remember the light setting you got it on! I got it on my bedside table, set to warm glow, with the dimmest setting… great for when I need to turn it on without the light blinding me.


It also folds completely flat, so would be a good solution to take with you, if you’re going away… charger and light in one go.

The QI part worked a treat… tried to take a picture of my mobile (Lumia 930) charging on it, and you might just be able to make out that it’s charging.

It also got a usb port – so you can even plug another mobile (or whatever you wish as long as it uses usb). Lamp comes with a mains charger. There’s also the timer on it, something I don’t have a need for, but can see it being handy if in a kids room, and it will automatically turn off after they’ve gone to sleep (incase they want to use it as a nightlight).

Received as a sample to review… and I’m over the moon with it. Absolutely love it.


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