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★★★★★+ Softbox photo kit

So easy to set up, amazing results

Neewer® 700W Professional Photography 24″x24″/60x60cm Softbox with E27 Socket Light Lighting Kit for Photo Studio Portraits, Product Photography and Video Shooting

Wow. Wow. Wow.

I cannot believe how great this works! It all comes in a handy bag (for those who want to take it on the move). Inside you’ll find two giant daylight bulbs, the soft boxes (works like an umbrella, with cover), and the stands. As you start unpacking and putting together (no need to worry, it’s so easy) – you start to realise how massive they really are.

The soft boxes are 60cm x 60cm, and the light you get (with the covers on, they’re attachable with velcro, so stay put) is fantastic. They’re so easy to put up too – they truly work just like an umbrella – just push (pop) in the circle in the middle – and they pop into position. You fasten them onto the stand with a few twirls of the screw there. The umbrellas are already wired, so after screwing in the lighbulb, all you got to do is plug them in (standard UK plug), and turn on the lightswitch on them.


The stands themselves are lightweight (if you intend to use them outdoors then I think some sandbags would be handy), but stable – and can expand so they reach the ceiling! You can position the soft boxes anywhich way you want.


The light is ace. Had loads of fun just playing with the camera, and different positions with the soft boxes, and a single rose placed in front. My set-up, apart from these fab softboxes is very “cowboy” indeed, a white sheet hung from the wall, over an ottoman storage box. 🙂 But the pics come out fab! Using three pics of a bag, as an example… please keep in mind they were only taken with a mobile, and my “backpack dressing” skills are clearly quite lacking… but you can imagine how good things would be with a proper camera, and a little care and attention put into the subject and the composition.

Received as a sample to review… and I am so impressed! It’s superb. And I cannot believe it’s such a small price… if I’d known it was possible to get this sort of set up for that price I would have gotten one yonks ago.


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