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★★★★ Bath bombs

Great for the bath – but no info supplied

Mousand Bath Bombs Gift Set – 6 Ultra Lush Organic All Natural Essential Oil Spa Fizzies Gift Ideas , Enjoyable Than Bath Beads, Relaxation, Stress Relief And Dry Skin Relief Is Just One Bathtub Away! (6 Kinds)

The bathbombs themselves are indeed excellent! But there’s no info regarding what they’re made of, apart from some vague indication that they’re all natural, and some mentioning of clay, dye and shea butter here in the product description. I would have really liked either a sticker on the box, or an insert in the box that told me exactly what they were made of.


Anyway – the bath bombs looks “the bomb” (see what I did there? Hahaha)! No, they really look pretty. Nice rustic look as soon as the wrappers are off. The shredded paper in the box is also a nice touch, and keeps with the style of the actual bathbombs. The box however is a let down for such a great product. Nothing there says “relaxation”, or “natural” or “luxurious”… instead it screams commercialism, and looks like a display box for a shop that’s actually selling the bath bombs individually. Normally when things come boxed, I like to suggest that they’d make a nice gift… and these would too – if you removed them from the box, and put them in a little hamper, or even just a plain cardboard box with a lace ribbon around.

And they are nice! They smell really nice, and gives a great fizz in the bath, leaving the water all “silky”. Really excellent little things, and both me and the missus have been enjoying them.

Received as a sample to review – and the bathbombs themselves are fab, I would just have liked to know exactly what I’ve been submerging my body into!


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