Something to crow about?

UK based reviewer / product tester

★★★★ Dog lead

Perfect “vet lead”

IntimaTe WM Heart 2.6ft Ultra Strong Brown Handmage Leather Dog Leash Lead For Small Medium Large Dogs Strap Harness Rope Walking Jogging Belt Training Control(Large)

And not just for large dogs. 🙂

Got two JRs, and last time one of them went to the vets, we discovered that their “normal” lead was missing (only time they use it, got a double lead for walks in the neigbourhood, and 2 x 8m retractable leads for out and about, until we know it’s safe to let them off the leads)…

And this will do just perfect! On a small dog, the lead becomes “shorter”, as instead of it going forward, the lenght is now mostly used up going downwards. Great for making sure one of the little devi… angels are staying close and not causing havoc.


It looks rugged, and love the orange contrasting stiching. The big and chunky clip looks great, and to be honest would look much better on a larger dog, as it looks giant on our two canine girls. 🙂

Handle feels great, and will only feel better and better, due to it being leather. Only small issue is that the leather hasnt been cut completely straight. After some use it wont be noticable, but brand new you can see it’s a little “wavey”.

Received as a sample to review, and it’s ace. I love the chunky and rugged look, although I think my missus would have perferred a “girlier” lead for the dogs. 🙂


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