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★★★★ Vintage style bag / backpack

Really good looking bag / backpack, with a vintage feel

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Fun and versitile bag… which looks ace.

Well – where do I start? 🙂 You can carry it like a briefcase – from three angles! There’s three sturdy handles, so take your pick. On top of that, it also comes with a shoulderstrap (and it looks fab used like that)… and you also got the option to use it as a backpack.


The front has two pockets, a smaller one below the PU leather (which looks the business) patch (great for storing the shoulderstrap if not in use), and a larger one behind the patch.

On one side, there’s a single mesh pocket (persoally not keen on the material of the mesh… the rest of the bag has that vintage rugged look, the mesh is quite shiny, but hopefully the shine will wear off with us), great for a drinks bottle if using it as backpack.


On the back, the backpack straps are hidden. Unzip the zipper, roll up the flap, and it changes to a backpack in an instant.

The main compartment is access from the side. There’s slight padding towards the back.

It really looks great. And I mean really great. My only issue is the weight of it. Everything is rugged, and that includes the large and heavy zips and handles, and all in all it adds up to bag that is a little heavy. Not a problem carrying the laptop to and from the car… but if intended for long hikes, the extra weight might be an issue.

Received as a sample to review… and it’s fab. Both me and the missus love it, and it’s already been in use.


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