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★★★ Pen voice recorder

Great fun little gadget – loud and clear recordings, easy to use

I know it doesn’t look too promising with “only” three stars – but it’s actually a fab little pen recorder, and I would wholly recommend it! But there is a couple of issues, but onto the good stuff first:

It looks like a pen! It doesn’t look like a recorder that’s trying to disguise itself as a pen, it actually looks just like any other pen – and it even works (black ink – writes perfect).

The sound is great! I got a few recorders (as in normal ones), and this records better than any of them. I really cannot believe how loud and clear it records.

Accessing the recordings is a breeze on Windows (sorry, wouldn’t know how it works on Mac), just connect via the usb cable, and double click on the recording – and it will play in Windows Player straight away.

There’s also the option to listen to the recordings without plugging it into a laptop, as it comes with the accessories needed to do that.

To record, first turn on the switch inside the pen, then it’s just to click the back to record, and click again to stop. There’s a tiny little red light hidden underneath the clip, doesn’t show during
daylight, but might show in the dark, but easily hidden by a tiny little piece of black tape or similar. When the pen is on, the light is a steady red, when it’s recording, the light flashes.


The bad part – the pen has a built in program that supposedly can change the time and date (I’ve encountered the same program on other recorders, and never had an issue setting the time before). However, this refused to work, on my particular recorder pen, anyway. Whether it’s a one off issue, or something with all of them I wouldn’t know. Not an issue if you only want to use it for a little bit of fun, but if you intend to use it to take notes later, then it’s quite a hassle that everything records as the year 2008.

Second issue is that if it hasn’t been used for a while, you need to unscrew it, and move the tiny little switch inside to work again.

But – as I said – I do recommend it! It’s a fab little gadget, that looks and works just like a pen – and also records loud and clear!

Received as a sample to review – and I absolutely love it! If it wasn’t for having to remember to use the inside switch, and if I’d been able to set the date and time – this would be the one I’d use for work (I often record stuff, and then takes notes later, as there’s no time to sit down and write things during the work hours) due to its handy size and good recordings. But, instead I’ll stick with one of my other little recorders, and this one will just be a fun little gadget to use now and then.


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