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★★ Silicone glasses

Great idea, but not great for drinking out of

ORBLUE Flexible Silicone Camping Wine Glasses – 16 Oz

Now, I got two other Orblue products for the kitchen – and they’re both ace, so I had high hopes for these glasses.

But they’re not at all what I was expecting. 😦 The glasses have two very prominent lines showing from the mould. Not an issue for camping glasses, but far from anything I would consider drinking wine out of (whether that being in the garden, or out on a picnic).

And they’re not nice drinking out of at all. As you put the glass to your lips, being flexible silicone, the edge of the glass then gets pressed inwards. The opening on them is already small, and this makes it even more narrow, and as the glasses are round-ish (instead of a straight glass), you have to tilt it that little bit extra, due to the convex sides… meaning each and every time – the rim WILL hit your nose.

Depending on how you do dishes it might also be an issue when washing them… if you use a machine or brush, then it won’t be a problem. We generally use a sponge, and I cannot get my fingers into them, and the missus can just about squeeze her hand inside.


Apart from that – I do like the idea of them. If the openings were bigger, with less convex sides – then they’d be ace for camping (but I still wouldn’t drink wine out of them with the unsightly seems from the manufacturing), and I know they’d also be used all the time in the household. Missus has arthritis, and when her fingers are bad, she hates doing dishes (but refuses to let it stop her, so my offers are either declined or I get shooed away from the sink when she’s hurting… when she’s not – she’s more than happy to let me do them!), as she finds it really painful when her knuckles accidentally knocks onto the inside of glasses when washing them. If the opening on these were bigger, I could see them being opted for all the time, as there would never be any fear of knocking a painful finger on them.

And they are really bendable – you can squash them and squeeze them – great for stuffing into a pocket on a backpack, as long as you don’t mind the rim hitting your nose when drinking. 🙂

Received as a sample to review… and I have to say they really disappointed me, considering how great my other two Orblue products are.


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