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★★★★★ Animated money box

Extremely cute and good fun

OBEST Cute Stealing Coin Cat Money Box Piggy Bank with Talking


I kind of want to just add a bunch of smiley faces here – as this thing really puts a smile on your face, no matter what age you are. 🙂

The plastic is a lot sturdier than I expected. I’m sure it’ll still break if being dropped on a hard floor, but it’s a fairly solid box, and I’m quite impressed with how well its made.


Also comes boxed, so ideal for a gift… if you can part with it that is!

It really is so cute. And it’s fun! Little kitty greets you with a “Hello” when the white button is pressed, and a little paw comes up to grab the coin placed there… and as soon as the coin is tucked safely away inside, there’s a “Thank you”. 🙂

It needs 2 AA batteries (not supplied), battery compartment is underneath, together with an on/off button, and also where you access the coins.

It probably won’t take the largest amount of coins in the world, but then again, it’s many times cuter than most money boxes, and I can see money being tipped out, simply to be put back in. 🙂

Received as a sample to review… and it’s fab! Would be a hit with kids and those young at heart of all ages.


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