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★★★★★ Vintage style messenger bag

Good looking bag with plenty of style

OXA Vintage Canvas Messenger Bag Shoulder Bag ipad Bag Book Bag Satchel School Bag Crossbody Bag for Men Casual Leisure Fashion Brown

I thought it looked like quite a nice little man-bag if I ever needed one… but my missus had other ideas, and it’s now been labelled “bus bag”. 🙂

And she’s right, it does indeed hold everything someone could need on a bus… if people need giant headphones, powerbank, 500ml bottle of drink, a book, make-up (who does their make-up on a bus???), with plenty of space left for things like mobiles, keys, wallets/purses and a “sandwich” (really?).

And it doesn’t look that big – but when I saw what the missus had stuffed in there (with plenty of room left), I realised it’s much bigger than what it seems.


Inside the big main compartment (closed with zipper), there’s a smaller zip pocket, and also two pocket slots. In front of that is another large pocket, this one only closed with a single button. The main flap just… well… it “flaps” over. 🙂

Each side also has a small pocket, good for small stuff you’re not worried about. And theres a pocket with a zip on the back.

The canvas fabric looks ace, with a rugged vintage feel. The colours are really nice too, with the darker shoulder strap to match the PU leather bits.

Received as a sample to review… and it’s a really nice bag. Good looking with plenty of room. When the summer is over, I have all intentions to steal it back from the missus – that’s how nice it is. 🙂


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