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★★★★ Tablet sleeve

Looks great

Apple ipad mini 4 Case,Apple ipad mini 3 Case,Apple ipad mini 2 Case,Apple ipad mini 1s Case,Lizimandu Felt Sleeve Case Cover Carrying Protector Shell Bag for ipad mini1/2/3/4(Dark Grey)

The felt gives it a little bit of a rustic feel, and a little bit of an “old money” feel too. 🙂 Great combination, which makes for a very nice little tablet sleeve, suitable for both males and females.


There’s a main pocket for the tablet, and a smaller pocket on the front of that.

On the black, there’s two pocket slots, which would do nicely for items that aren’t bulky, or with edges that can damage the tablet.

The fabric inside is very soft, but all in all I don’t think the case would give much protection. More of a fashion statement, and keeping your tablet clean, than protecting it. I don’t mind, we just got a cheap-as-chips android tablet (which is a few years old), but if I had an expensive iPad mini of some sort, I’d make sure it also had a serious screen protector, before using this case as my main one.

The description is also all wrong, and has clearly been copied and pasted for something else… there’s no velcro, and certainly no in-built light! 🙂

Received as a sample to review, and it looks really nice, and for me it’s more than adequate protection for our inexpensive little tablet.


Was nice for the SatNav!  Brought a SatNav with me on my last holiday (as it irks me how incredibly expesive it is to rent SatNavs when renting a car), and stuck it in here for the flights.


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