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★★★★★ Rose USB stick

Colourful and cute, worked a treat

Generic Rose Shaped 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Memory Stick (green yellow)

Well – it’s certainly colourful! 🙂


Not quite to my taste, but my missus loves her new and colourful USB stick. And it is quite cute, with a detatchable rose and the USB stick in the stem. The stem also have a premade hole, and came with a small chain to add. Good thing here is it’s attached to the USB part! So if the rose falls off, you’re still good to go (really – I’ve seen USB sticks the other way around,,, ridiculous).

Missus tested it, shows at 14.9GB, this is completely normal with USB memory sticks (and SD card, etc), they never have the full memory available (guess some is used to make it readable by devices).

She tried to copy a few pics to it, and no problem at all.

Received as a sample to review – and missus absolutely loves it.


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