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★★★★ Mirror dash cam

Easy to install, good quality

Dash Cam, Crenova 5″ LCD HD 1920X1080p 170°Dual-lens Car Recorder Black Box Front & Rearview Camera with 16G TF Card,Support G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording, Motion Detection

I’m really impressed with this! And have had it in use for several weeks now… and no issues at all.

It all comes neatly stored in a box… the mirror both looks huge, and IS huge – hahahah. But as soon as it’s up in the car you’ll quickly get used to it. The mirror has the screen on it, marks so you know which buttons are underneath (again, as soon as you’ve used it for a while you instantly know where they are), and on the back is the main camera. Really easy to put up, with the adjustable straps that go around the current mirror.


On the top of the mirror is the outlet/inlets for the power (cigarett lighter attachment) and rear camera. The cord for the power is long, which is great, as that means it can be tucked out of the way (have it running across the top of the windscreen, down on the passenger side and then underneath the dashboard).

The wire for the rear camera is huge – you shouldn’t have a problem getting this baby to the right place. Hahaha. As I wasn’t 100% if it was going to be in place permanently at the point I put the camera in the car (it is!), the wire was simply twirled around the roof handles. It was just a temp solution – but it’s worked so well, it’s still like that.


The images are nice and clear – I’m surprised by the good quality! Not certain what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t anything this good for something that sells for less than £100.

The instruction booklet however is a terrible mess. I’m hoping it’s been rectified by now, but mine was a draft – which had all the corrections showing in it! And it took me and the missus nearly 10 minutes just to set the correct time. However, once set, luckily it stays put. 🙂

Another issue is that if your current mirror is close to the roof, then it’ll be a push to get the new bigger mirror where you want it, due to the 2 wires going into it on the top. Mine touches the inside of the roof, as it took some force to be able to tilt the mirror to the position where it’s best for me.

Other than that though – it’s really great! I purchased it with a discount with the promise of an honest review… and I love it. 🙂


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