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★★★ VR glasses

Preset pads for holding phone no good, otherwise great VR glasses

3D VR Glasses, IROPRO 3D VR Virtual Reality Box Headsets Google Cardboard, Focal and Pupil Distance Adjustment for iPhone Samsung Moto LG Nexus HTC

Only three stars might make it seem like it’s not a good product… but it is! It simply isn’t good for my phone. 🙂

I got a Windows phone (lumia 930), and these glasses are not good for that particular phone. The slide-out to put the glasses in has preset little pads for the mobile to rest on – and the preset pads will hit all sorts of buttons on my phone. I thought I’d just flip the phone upside down, but it was just as much as a fiasco there too.

However – also tried them with the missus’ mobile (Android, a Ghong V12) – and the glasses were ace for them!


If they change them, so they come with loose pads customers can place themselves, then I got no problem recommending these.

The glasses are really comfy on the head (keep in mind the mannequin head on the pic is only about 80-90% size), and no problem viewing through them. And I do like the slide-out option instead of the normal flip down cover.

Received as a sample to review… and they are in fact excellent VR glasses – just not for my phone. 🙂


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