Something to crow about?

UK based reviewer / product tester

★★★★★ Tablet case

Cheap and cheerful

Malloom® Universal Leather Stand Cover Case for 9 Inch Tablet PC

And a perfect fit for our GT90H Android tablet. 🙂

Is it the greatest case in the world? No. Is it the most expensive case in the world? Far from it. And for a few pennies under 4 pounds, it’s an excellent case for the money.


Both the top and bottom is thick and sturdy. The “clasps” (it’s just a fake plastic button, with magnet underneath) works fine, although looks a little tacky.

The stitching is alright. It’s not perfect, but more than acceptable for the price of the case.

Inside there’s four stretchy corner grips. Tablet we got fit perfect, but slightly smaller tablets should also be ok. Bigger wouldn’t work, as not only would it be a far stretch for the corner grips, it would also poke out on the sides.

Universal case, so no slots cut out for various cameras (as it would then be for a particular model). No issue here, as the camera on the tablet is never in use.

All in all, well pleased with the colourful little case – perfect for keeping the tablet safe, when it’s being suck in various bags.


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