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★★★★ Metal luggage tags

Colourful and stylish

Mudder Metal Travel Luggage Baggage Labels Suitcase ID Tags Labels, 5 Pieces

Really colourful, and smart looking… however I’m not too sure how these will hold up during travel.

The do look great – with their vibrant colours, and stylish metal casing. There’s a little bit of “assembly” required… as they’re made up of a few parts. Firstly, there’s to pick the thin layer of plastic that’s put on to protect them. Then fill in details, stick detail card into the casing, stick protective plastic on top of that, and then add the wire ring.


No matter how smart they look, Ive seen how baggage handlers treat luggage at the airport… would these survive “normal” handling? Yes, I’d like to think so. Would the survive being thrown about (possibly given a kick or two too… yes – I’ve seen luggage handlers do just that!), and having tons of suitcases thrown on top? I dont think so. I suspect they’ve be bent quite quickly with that sort of treatment.

Wouldn’t recommend putting them on something that has your keys in (unless you omit the address, and just add phone number), but other bags, like gym/hospital etc bags they’d be great on, incase you happen to leave them somewhere.

Received as a sample to review – and they look ace, although a little too fragile to survive the treatment at an airport.


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