Something to crow about?

UK based reviewer / product tester

★★★★★ Tablet sleeve

Really nice sleeve, slightly rustic and posh at the same time

11 Inch MacBook Air Sleeve / 11.6 Inch MacBook Air, Natur® 11″ Slim Felt Laptop Carry Envelope Bag with PU Leather Computer Protective Sleeve Case with Pocket and Pouch – Grey/ Brown PU Strap Closure

Looks much nicer than the price indicate. 🙂 Yes, it does indeed look quite expensive, and has that handmade, slightly posh look to it.

The outside is felt, which I have to admit hasn’t been the smartest thing to have in my home… got loads of pets, and it seems a magnet to pethairs. Hahaha. The inside is very soft, no need to worry about it scratching anything.


I’m not 100% certain what the little pouch is for… a mouse? Charger? Nevermind, missus was well chuffed with it, and is using it for craft stuff. We dont actually have a MacBook, we got a tablet – and it fits nicely inside. Great for when we want out cheap-as-chips tablet to look that little bit more posh. 🙂

Received as a sample to review… and it lovely. Great for keeping tablets safe and snug, and it looks ace.


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