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★★★ Orblue silicone stretch lids

Really handy, but not foolproof

ORBLUE Silicone Stretch Lids, 6-Pack Of Various Sizes

These are quite good. Well, actually they’re very good – most of the time. 🙂


You do get six sizes, so there is probably one that’s gonna fit what you need it for… however, sometimes if one is a little too big, but another a little too small, and you try to stretch things a little too much – all that happens is a stretch lid that will pop of whatever you’re trying to put it on.

They are really stretchy though, and it all depends on what they’re used on. Got no issues with things like cans or pots, but when it comes to ceramic it’s a hit and miss. Those pesky plastic containers that somehow has managed to loose their lids are good with them too (as long as there’s a little rim on the top).

They are easy to wash, but the silicone is a magnet to anything that might be about (here it’s pet hairs!).

Received as a sample to review – and they’re excellent when they fit, and not so much when they get that extra bit of stretch.


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