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★★★★★ LED light strip

Very easy to install, excellent light effects

Rxment Led Strip Lighting 10M 32.8 Ft 5050 RGB 300LEDs Flexible Color Changing Full Kit with 44 Keys IR Remote Controller , Control Box ,24V 3A Power Supply for Home Decorative [Energy Class A+++]

Great little lightstrip – and so easy to set up!

Everything you need comes supplied, so it’s just to attach the bits. Important to check to make sure you connect it correctly, but there’s arrows to align, making the job easy.

It’s got sticky backing, so you can attach it just about anywhere. I used it underneath the “coffee table” (an old trunk), and now have the light set to soft orange, lowest level at all times. Gives a nice glow, and handy at night, no more tripping over various pets. 🙂


You can cut the stip to the lenght you need it. Was a little worried about this the first time I got one of these (also got one under the bed), but it works! All you need to do is to snip it with sciccors, and the job is done.

There’s so many setting you can set it to, from flashing to fading, to a single colour. The remote works well, and it’s so easy to use, as everything is visually marked on it.

Received as a sample to review – and it’s fab! Love the light effect it gives from underneath the “table”.

* * * Warning: Video contains flashing light * * *


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