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UK based reviewer / product tester

★★★★ Portable shower

Very handy

Suaoki Portable Camping Shower Outdoor – Plug into 12v Cigarette Adapter and Turns Water from Bucket into Steady Gentle Stream – with Water Pump and Build-in Water Filtration System

This is such a clever idea! Absolutely love it, and keep it in the the car at all times (with a bucket, of course).

Everything you need for your portable shower is included, from the pump to the power cord. You just plug the powercord into the cigarette outlet in the car, and submerge the pump into water (unless you’re parked all the way on the edge of a lake or similar, you’re gonna need a bucket… or two!) – and you got your shower!


It does go through water really quickly though – a bucket won’t last you too long. So dont excpect a lenghty shower. 🙂

Sadly mine leaked a little bit, but suspect that’s a one off, as don’t see anyone else having a problem with it. I’ve since fixed it with some gorilla tape… not too pretty, but it does the job. And please excuse the finger on the video – missus isn’t used to filming with a mobile.

Received as a sample to review, and I think it’s great. Not really something that’s neccessary to have in the car, but something I like having in the car.


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