Something to crow about?

UK based reviewer / product tester

★★ “Evening gown”

Would do as a sleeve-less Elsa costume, but not much else

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It’s not the dress in the product images… it is a dress based on the product images. 🙂

There’s no crystals on the waist and shoulders, it’s just some glittery fabric. The rest of the fabric, although in a very nice colour is way too light and flimsy to be called a “gown”. The slip underneath only goes to the knees, and the stiching is frankly quite terrible.


There’s some bizarre pads that ends up right below the shoulders… I’m assuming this is supposed to be some sort of inbuilt bra. Not just in the wrong area – you can even see them through the dress! Atleast they gave us a good laugh. 🙂

I got a size XL from looking at the chart. Missus is a size 10, she could have done with a size down. The lenght is a little short (missus tried it without shoes) for the missus whos 5’7.

However, all isn’t lost. Missus snipped the fabric inside and removed the ridiculous pads, just this alone improved the dress. She’s also got plans to take it in on the sides for a nicer fit – and then she says she’ll have a “sleeveless Elsa” dress! Hahaha. For the price, it’s an affordable costume, but it wouldn’t be the sort of dress I could recommend for anything apart from using it as a costume.

Purchased with a discount with the promise of an honest review… and atleast it gave us a good laugh. 🙂


I take it back! Not just Elsa costume… it can also make a quick and easy Daenarys Targarian costume. 🙂 Missus splashed some gold paint on it, and added some thin fabric on the back – all done.

My original rating stands though, but might be handy for a quick and affordable costume if someone’s looking for that,



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