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★★★ Vaping kit

Atomizer didn’t work, but battery and charger good

Electronic, starter kit, CE5, vaporizer nicotine free best buy rechargeable USB portable ecig black pen

Got this to up my “getting ready to stop smoking… one of these days” stash. 🙂

It’s a nice little pack, with everything you need to get started (apart from e-liquid) vaping… the problem is that the vaporizer didn’t work! Strangely enough it screwed apart completely. No worries, screwed it back together, and filled with liquid. Turned the e-cig on (press the bottom on the battery 5 times quickly)… and nothing when the button was pressed to vape. Nothing at all.

However, as the battery seemed to be working fine, I thought I’d check to see if it was just the atomizer that was broken, so tried a CE4 atomizer I had (bought six of them on Amazon for less than three quid, including postage)… and not only did the atomizer fit – it worked too! Pic of the e-cig assembled is with the replacement atomizer I used.


So, although it didn’t work as a set, I got a new battery and charger, and as I already had some spare atomizers (and loads of liquids… I’m preparing for when I’m to go full on vape!), it’s handy for me. 🙂 You might be lucky, mine might have been a one-off dud, but if not it’s not the end of the world if you got atomizers laying about.

Purchased with a discount with the promise of an honest review… and it was disappointing at first (not working), but I’m now well pleased having a spare battery and charger.


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